Fund Investments


Korys Fund Investments has limited partner positions in more than twenty five private equity funds.

Korys' fund investment strategy currently focuses on three sectors: cleantech/renewable energy, retail/consumer and life sciences. For these sectors, we are looking for private equity funds that apply a “People-Planet-Profit” (or triple bottom line) approach and share our values in terms of sustainability and socially responsible investments.

From a geographical point of view, we mainly focus on European funds, but do not exclude investments in other parts of the world.

We typically do not invest in first-time funds, as the stability and the track record of the team are key investment criteria for us.

We are looking for investment teams that have shown ability to identify companies that are developing promising technologies or business models, and to support them on their growth path.

Our objective is to identify funds with unique selling propositions that complement each other and allow us to build up a diversified portfolio by geography, stage, asset class and vintage year.