Liquid Investments


Korys Liquid Investments manages a diversified portfolio of liquid financial instruments such as listed stocks and bonds, UCITS funds, hedge funds and money market funds. Korys Liquid Investments aims to generate an attractive return whilst focusing on capital preservation and volatility reduction.

Korys Liquid Investments' strategy specifically focuses on seizing opportunities in three sectors, namely consumer, cleantech and life sciences. In these sectors, we adopt a “bottom-up" approach relying on an in-depth knowledge of the companies we invest in. Besides investing in these sectors, we also invest in various asset classes and instruments to meet our diversification, liquidity and risk management objectives.

The investment selection criteria include our “three P” (People, Planet, Profit) approach to ensure that investments comply with our values in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. Therefore particular sectors or companies that are in contradiction with these values are excluded from our investment scope.