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Energy Transition

Investment Strategy / Energy Transition


Korys wants to play a prominent role in the energy transition by continuining to support and invest in renewable energy assets as well as in innovations and technologies that enable such transition.

The energy revolution is here to stay resulting in both challenges and opportunities for Korys. Next to investments in production, a lot of investments will also be needed in enabling technologies to facilitate the energy transition. Therefore, Korys continues to be a dedicated venture capital investor in this space.

Furthermore, Korys regrouped its historical investments infrastructure into a new investment company called Virya Energy which intends to continue to grow and remain a major global player in renewable energy production.

Virya Energy

Acting in the world of energy for a better tomorrow

Virya Energy is active in the development, financing, construction and operation of sustainable energy sources, aiming to accelerate the energy transition by scaling new technologies across the entire energy ecosystem.

Enabling Technologies

Korys chooses to be a driving force in the transition to renewable energy.

Asset optimization

Monitoring and improvement of renewable energy resources.


Distributed Energy Management

Innovative tools and technologies to enable smart grids.

Energy Storage

Energy storage and supporting technologies.

Energy efficiency

Smart technologies which focus on reducing electricity consumption.

Smart mobility and logistics

Optimization of transport & logistics.

Our participations in Energy Transition