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Life Sciences

Investment Strategy / Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life sciences companies are companies that develop revolutionary medical solutions that help prevent or cure disease and illness. In doing so they have a real positive impact on people’s health.

The world of life sciences has a strong economic promise. It is part of a fascinating ecosystem (academic research – business world). Korys has become involved in this sector in order to invest with a long-term vision. Within the life sciences, we actively follow three specific streams

Companies in the life sciences help prevent and cure illness and disease.
  • Diagnostics
    Initiatives that aid fast, accurate medical diagnoses save society unnecessary costs, help to prevent sickness and disease, as well as promoting the creation of personalized medicine.
  • Healthcare IT
    Companies in healthcare IT ensure that people heal in as little time as possible. Thanks to data processing and analysis, medical research runs more quickly, as a result of which medicines are more effective and/or is put on to market in a shorter time span.
  • Services and tools
    These service providers support pharmaceutical companies with the development of medicines. Some enlightening examples:
  • Genae supports pharmaceutical companies in the recognition of new medicines.
  • ReMYND provides support during research into neurological illnesses (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s).
  • MRM Technologies and Mimetas create copies of human organs, simplifying tests with new medicines.
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Our participations in Life Sciences