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Bio-Life Laboratory is a leading brand manufacturer (Be-Life Natural Products) and distributor of healthy, natural and organic food supplements. Over the past 30 years Bio-Life Laboratory has built an excellent reputation in Belgium and is now expanding into neighbouring countries and beyond and supplies all professional channels from independent medical professionals to dietary stores and pharmacies. Bio-Life’s mission is to continue to provide people with a unique line of highly assimilable food complements, to be a laboratory concerned about the scientific and environmental ethics, to be a reliable independent partner recognised for guarantying the quality of his products.

As a Belgian family investment partner with a special focus on the conscious consumer, Korys is 100% supportive of this. We enjoy being an active partner in the further growth of Bio-Life. Most recently, Thomas Lienard has taken over the reigns of the company, as its new CEO. Together with the team, he will also further develop the international presence of Bio-Life.




Gembloux, Belgium

committed team

Katti Van Oosterwijck
Thomas De Kempeneer

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