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The financial world tends to associate ‘added value’ with monetary value. Let’s be clear: profit is necessary. It’s a condition for committed investment and the creation of long-term sustainability. But for Korys, the social added value is at least as important as the monetary one: by investing in people and companies, we want to have a positive impact on the world. Our vision, based on the 3P philosophy, is core to all our activities.

We choose to ‘add value’ by positively
affecting the world in which we live.

Sustainability through our portfolio

Together, our portfolio companies (the companies in which Korys invests) form a network in which people, planet and profit are equally represented.

This balance is only achievable by scoring, evaluating and adapting on a company level:

  • When screening a potential investment, we ask 15 key questions, with appropriately deep follow-up questions. Based on this ‘scoring’, both parties immediately feel whether they are committed to pursuing the same sustainable goals.
  • When it’s been confirmed these goals are shared, the sustainability score forms the basis for an action plan. The goal here? To work with the management to improve the score in the long term.
  • The action plan comes to life in the form of ambitious projects and (sometimes, also small-scale) initiatives. Annually, we reassess the whole situation from the beginning.

The 3P philosophy as a guiding principle


For Korys, investing also means inspiring people. We are proud to serve as an inspiration to: 

  • our portfolio companies – we apply ourselves as active directors of the companies in which we invest. Exactly how does that work? We join them in defining strategy, help develop a professional structure and open our network to them.
  • the Colruyt family – Korys builds on the pioneering work of the Colruyt Group in the area of sustainable business. As an investment company, we can always rely on the knowledge and experience of the Colruyt Group. We also involve and inspire the members of the Colruyt family by sharing entrepreneurial stories and insights that keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive. We create engaged shareholders through training and education, advice and by giving them access to our network.
  • the team – Korys creates a stimulating, value-driven environment in which employees are given space to show initiative, act autonomously and develop.


Sustainable entrepreneurship is a term that covers a lot of areas. For Korys, the focus is on: 

  • The recycling and responsible use of materials – we encourage the re-use of materials to keep waste to a minimum.
  • Biodiversity – the diversity of lifeforms is an important gauge of the health of our planet. Our investments support companies that respect this biodiversity.
  • Renewable energy – from solar panels to windmills and biomass, renewable energy comes in many forms. Korys invests in companies that innovatively tap into sustainable energy sources.


As an investment company, Korys responsibly manages the capital of the Colruyt family. Whether this takes the form of Direct Investments, Fund Investments or Liquid Investments, a strong return is one important goal of each and every investment we make. However, when we participate in a promising company or look for the right investment or fund to invest in, ‘sustainability’ is also treated as an equally important criterion. Through sustainable investments, we attempt to increase the estate allowing us to sustainably invest the returns. The greater the return, the greater our social impact.