Korys is the investment structure of the Colruyt family. The family has been active in the retail sector for over 50 years and grew the Colruyt Group to become one of the most successful food retail and food services companies in Europe.

The name Korys is derived from the Latin word for the hazelnut tree, Corylus. It also is the root of the Colruyt name. The properties of the hazelnut tree - its sturdy nature, its longevity and its ability to foster a thriving ecosystem around it - are a source of inspiration in our investment activities.

We are a team of over 22 investment professionals, based in Belgium and Luxembourg, with a wide range of experience in investing, strategy consulting and operational management. In addition, at all stages of our investment processes, we can count on the active involvement of our board and on the support of a rich network of experts and senior advisors.

Next to holding a significant stake in the Colruyt Group, Korys participates in a host of investments and projects consistent with its values and its mission.